There is No Band

Everything that has been recorded consists of spontaneous jams. There are at least 35 different people who have played and the number is still growing...

There is no single person nor group who has played on every recording. That is not what this is about.

There is no set list. We make it up as we go along.

Sometimes there are covers. That's OK - we don't eschew covers - but we don't set out to play them per se either.

Just about everything played is improvised.

You decide your own level of involvement

Since there is no band, if you want to be in the band then just show up & play - now you're in the band. It is that simple. There is no pressure and there are no commitments. Play when you feel like it and try to enjoy yourself. It is supposed to be fun.

If you have gear that you want to bring, great. Please try to be in a sharing mood. If you're using other people's gear - treat it better than your own. We all know each other - this isn't a heavy thing.